The Black Magic of Free Stuff

How do you generate a quality lead for your company How can you get people through the doors What will make people call your company Free Stuff. Of course, it’s always been that way. People are looking for a free lunch. I’ve done it you’ve done it everyone’s done it. I actually supplied my entire Christmas list one year with freebies that I’d received from attending presentations for time shares to wholesale warehouse memberships. Granted this was back in my “don’t have two pennies to rub together days.”

But I thought it was pretty cool. I received a stereo system speakers, turntable, radio with dual cassette player that I gave to my grandmother that year. I had a choice of things to pick from and I knew her stereo had stopped working, so that was my choice. Now, these freebies didn’t cost the companies a ton of money, otherwise, they would certainly loose on people like me. But, since these companies are typically very good at marketing to the right group of people, overall their campaigns are effective at increasing their customer bases.

You see car dealerships offering free and cokes, the idea being they will snag a few people who are “kind of looking” for a new car. While their tummies are full and happy, a salesman will throw them the keys for a test drive, and some people will buy today. No excuses about needing to go get something to eat, and if the family has kids what kid will turn down a and coke It works otherwise they wouldn’t do it. So, what about your business What freebie can you give Do you have sample products What about information that would be useful to a specific group Think about your target audience and your ultimate goal.

Say you want to sell a “health” product to the baby boomer generation then a sample or two is a great introduction. If you’re selling services, then information about the benefits of that service is probably the best way to approach your prospect. Of course, if it’s really free keep it free. Don’t have shipping and handling charges it takes away from the “perception” that it’s FREE. You’ll need to consider your budget when offering FREEBIES. If you can’t fulfill the requests in a timely manner then you will get a black eye for your efforts. For More Information¬†